Wednesday, July 23, 2008


From Beyond Bread, Bread for the City's blog that focuses mostly on affordable housing in the District:

Anacostia History II
Ms. Tate described the run-down buildings along Good Hope Rd., which once housed thriving businesses such as a five-and-dime store, two dress shops, and a hardware store. “Good Hope Rd. was built up, had more buildings; it was like coming into a little city, a little country town,” she said.
With Gentrification, Small Businesses Take the Hit
This is not just the story of "giant Walmart kills the local mom and pop store" but also a story of how development in inner-city neighborhoods often pushes out local convenience stores and ethnic-specific retailers to make room for national chains.
And from the Wall Street Journal:

The End of White Flight
Washington -- where African-Americans have been in the majority for a half-century -- has lost about 80,000 black residents between 1990 and 2006. Whites had been leaving, too, but recently they've started coming back.
photo of oldest building in Anacostia by DG-rad


Matt Siemer said...

Oh, wow! Thanks for the link--that's really nice of you. By the way, I tried to link to one of your articles in East of the River, and was shocked to find that it isn't online! What's the deal there?

David Garber said...

it should be online here:

in the neighborhood news section. you might have to search the archives for past months...

Matt Siemer said...

Ah. Much appreciated.