Thursday, July 17, 2008

MLK & Good Hope

So it turns out that the Drake's building and the beige building are owned by the same person. I wonder why the owner fixed up (or at least is in the process of fixing) the one and not the other. My speculation is that they are in negotiations with the Anacostia Square people (AEDC and Douglas Development) to be included in their redevelopment of the block.

photo courtesy of the Washington DC Historical Society

As this photo from 1949 shows, the beige building used to be the Anacostia Uniform House. It served the Navy Yard across the river, which really reinforces the history that this was a neighborhood largely founded and built for the workers over there. It's too bad that that legacy is basically lost, as nothing in Anacostia today serves that community.

PS - how awesome was that taller building with the balcony ...sadly now lost.


Damien said...

It's good to see the picture of that old building as I drive by it everday on my way home.

I too have wondered what is going to be the fate of the Uniform House. The Drake building was renovated and it also looks like there are plans for the building next to the Uniform House. They've torn down the rear and kept the facade. Have you heard any plans for the Uniform House?

Anonymous said...

Wow...I want this back so bad. We have a real treasure over here