Monday, July 21, 2008

the old bowling alley

the title might seem misleading, since 2004 MLK Ave has been a discount furniture store and a masonic temple for so long, but this yellow-glazed brick art deco jewel of a building was once something very different--and is now back on the market.

the proof is in the flooring. check out the stripes where the lane separations used to be:

the interior is now decked out in very forlorn-looking paper flags and remnants of furniture parts, burnt out fluorescents, and flaking linoleum:

the space upstairs is mostly taken by an old masonic temple auditorium of sorts, and a large ancient kitchen in back. looking out the back windows, I felt like I was seeing back to the American Dream, circa 1940:

overall, the potential of this building is ridiculous. I see a music venue, ala Rock & Roll Hotel or the Black Cat. The 3-tiered lower level is perfect for a variety of spaces to accomodate such a use. Or how about a gym: Washington Sports Club, Results, or Crunch. Even bring bowling back: another Strike, like in Bethesda--perfect for playing off the building's already-obvious retro style.

Endless possibilities, folks. It's going to take dreamers and doers, but good ol' 2 double-O 4 MLK will definitely live to see another day.

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Margaret Mitchell said...

Used to bowl here back in the 50's and 60's. What a fantastic building it was!
Hope something good becomes of it and brings as much enjoyment for the community as it did for us back in the good old days.
Much success to Anacostia!
Margaret Mitchell