Thursday, July 10, 2008

the Historic Homeowners Grant restorations have begun!

Goodbye tacky-looking-but-useful-when-telling-people-which-house-is-yours awnings!

For all I know, there still might be more work yet to be done on this house, but for now...
yep, the porch railings and the stairs will also be replaced.

14th & W, Before:


After, with still more improvements to come:

For more information on the Historic Homeowners Grant Program, Click Here

photos by DG-rad


Anonymous said...

That house looks a lot better without the awnings.

Anonymous said...

The awnings were ugly, no argument there. But the home itself isnt all that attractive either. I favor diversity. Vive Le Awning!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that house is across the street from the firehouse. I moved from Anacostia in 1997, I lived right down the street in the 2000 blk of 14th St. Those houses from the old Union Temple Baptist Church up that corner, as a matter of fact there are lots of historic houses over there in that area. I beleive the owner of the house I lived has started to renovate his house as well. Brings back a lot of memories. Are there any plans to something with that grocery store @ 14th & Good Hope ?