Thursday, July 24, 2008

one year later.

A year ago today was my “welcome” post. Fortunately a lot has changed, progressed, and happened over the past 12 months --or I'm not sure I’d still be as excited as I remain today about the state and future of this fine, and soon to be even finer neighborhood.

Thanks mostly to all of you – bloggers tend to really rely on their readers, and your comments, suggestions, emails, and kind words have energized me to keep on doing this.

Cheers to another great year!


IMGoph said...

congratulations on a year of blogging about a sorely neglected and ignored corner of the city. here's to many more!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on Year #1 and looking forward to Year # 2. This is a GOOD Blog, keep up the GOOD work!


The Advoc8te said...

Wow!It seems like yesterday when I first came across this blog! I remember your first post too!

Congrats! I can say "I knew him back when" LOL.

To another year! You have really inspired a lot of people to take notice and get involved. I know I started my blog about Congress Heights because of YOU.


Anonymous said...


SWDC Blog said...

Nothing but encouragement for you to continue to provide the news for us about our neighbors!


PS, on google blogger, you can modify Settings, Comments, and un check "Anyone - includes Anonymous Users" and check the other three choices. That way, someone without a google account can use name/url and still be able to post.


Anonymous said...

Happy blog birthday!

Anonymous said...

Blogtastic work! Your blog is almost like a drug. In fact, maybe you can take over one of the remaining crack houses in our fine neighborhood and set up shop.
I'm always amazed at the stuff you come up with...and how much energy you must have to constantly explore your neighborhood and take photos of what's happening so that you can share them with us. All of this while, seemingly, having a life...and a new house as well. We're not worthy.

Anonymous said...

This is great! Congrats on the anniversary. As a fellow Anacostia resident, I too am about a thriving Anacostia. It can only get better. It's good to have blog to check in to.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up! I think your blog has generated some additional buzz around the potential for Anacostia. I hope more young, creative and positive-thinking people read your blog and realize they could have a community here in Anacostia!