Sunday, July 6, 2008

Goodman League Hoops

I spent some time over at the Barry Farms basketball courts on Thursday for a Goodman League game: One Way Records v. Shooters 2.

Hundreds of fans were there, and the scene was completely awesome:

From the Goodman League web site:
The George Goodman Basketball League has been in existence for twenty-eight years. The League began in 1975 with the assistance of Mr. Ervin Brady, Mr. Carlton Reed and Mr. Morty Hammonds. The league was first titled the Barry Farms Community Basketball League. The name was then changed to the Goodman League in the early 1980's in honor of the late George Goodman. Mr. Goodman was a life long Barry Farms resident and a community leader. The games are played at the Barry Farms Dwelling basketball courts located at Firth Sterling Avenue in Southeast Washington, D.C. The league features current and former NBA players, college players, and participants from various communities. The league is currently headed by Miles Rawls, Commissioner.
Free ballgames with great players where I can get courtside seats? I am definitely going back.

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