Thursday, October 14, 2010

Curbside Cupcakes on MLK!

Cupcakes in Anacostia. It actually happened. Yesterday. Curbside Cupcakes finally made its way to MLK Avenue in the heart of Historic Anacostia yesterday morning after being in operation in the city for almost a year.

Fortunately, people were lined up and excited about the food truck, so I hope it will come back! Despite being only a year old, Curbside Cupcakes is one of the oldest in the city's fast-growing fleet of hip, delicious, and brightly colored food trucks serving everything from Korean BBQ tacos to Maine lobster rolls. I know Anacostia's daytime population would be ecstatic to see more of the trucks cross the river!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunbelt Rentals Build-Out Begins

Sunbelt Rentals, the national chain equipment rental brand, is finally building out its space at 2204 Martin Luther King Avenue. The store will rent out construction equipment, and is wisely locating themselves in one of the most under construction areas of the city.

Before the lease was executed, the space had been used for private parties and had a really great raw feel. Despite the loss of exposed brick and (intentional) graffiti, it'll be nice to have a well-run business operating here.

there won't be many exterior improvements other than a new sign and rebuilt iron fence

the space is divided into two sections - the storefront and ...

... the back warehouse and storage area

For anyone who would rather see something more exciting move in - I understand - but, this is a good step towards showing other retailers that this is an acceptable place to locate businesses. And with the "build it and they will come" track the neighborhood is currently growing on, facilitating that "build" stage is pretty important.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Progress at the Hive

Anacostia's own shared business center The Hive is opening later this month and it's already looking much better inside. Brick has been exposed, drywall is up, and flooring is about to go in.

the exterior will be restored in phase 2 early next year

work inside the the first floor's central hallway

upstairs common area / lounge, and the kitchen

looking into the upstairs conference room

what remains of the building's cool old features is being saved

Oh you know, just another step in the transformation of historic Anacostia. More people working downtown = more businesses opening up = more people want to live there.