Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wednesday 1/5 - Blank Space Open House

Blank Space, the new "permanent pop-up" space in Historic Anacostia is having an open house tomorrow from 11am-7pm.
Blank Space SE welcomes all professional, experimental, visionary, original artists and organizations to use the space as their own temporary creative home, as it is meant to be the ideal rental venue for all forms of creative projects and outlets.

Blank Space SE, located at 1922 MLK Ave SE, is available for many different projects, including (but not limited to): the production of your own art exhibit, a dance or theatre event, a workshop or classroom, a short term studio, a think tank, a creative crucible, a pop up boutique, or business.
Check out the Blank Space website: www.BlankSpaceSE.com

Sounds awesome, right? Love that there are creative forces at work in the 'costia.

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