Saturday, January 8, 2011

Anacostia on HGTV Tomorrow

Set your DVRs for tomorrow's episode of HGTV's "My First Sale", which features Historic Anacostia (and me and the house I just sold...).

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I believe the episode will be available online later on as well. Click Here for the description of the episode and to find local TV station listings.


Anonymous said...

Hey David, I just watched the show. You did a great job on that house you finally sold. I live in Maryland and am interested in investing in property in gentrifying neighborhoods in DC. Can you recommend a realtor?



Anonymous said...

Your house was renovated beautifully. That being said, after watching the show, you come off a little naive and stubborn about price which seems to have cost you a few months in mortgages. But lesson learned, maybe you're next house will be sold quickly.

Jonesy said...

I think you did a wonderful job with the house in Anacostia. I agree with the earlier commenter that you were a bit overzealous with the pricing of the home. You should understand that you can't change a neighborhood overnight - and overpricing a home based on future projections actually works against you. That said, you seem undeterred - so keep at it and best of luck!


Great show David. I'm happy that I was able to be a part of it! How's it going with your RE license?


Anonymous said...

Hi David - congrats on selling the home, you did a great job representing the area.

However, as a resident of near SE and somebody who voted for you to be our representative for ANC 6D07, I am curious as to how your obvious passion for the Anacostia area translates to representing the much different neighborhood on the other side of the Douglass bridge.

The cynics among us might think you moved here after assessing your odds of winning an ANC election were much greater on the north side of the Anacostia. I would appreciate it if you could take a moment to assure us that this is not the case and that you do actually live in 6D07. Thanks in advance!

David Garber said...

haha - yes, I understand your perspective. When I moved to Near Southeast, the idea of running for ANC in any district wasn't even a glint in my eye. It wasn't until I started doing my research and learning about the issues of my new hood that I decided the neighborhood could be better represented.

But, I admit to still having a lot of interest in the Anacostia neighborhood, and much of what I do in my "day job" has to do with that neighborhood and other neighborhoods across the city.

To be perfectly honest, though, if I could afford to buy and renovate houses in Ward 6, I'd be doing that too. :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm a sucker but that's just what I was hoping to hear! Bonus points for uber-quick reply! :)

Seriously, best of luck in your endeavors on both sides of the river. I am sure that it is possible to be a zealous and effective advocate for two different yet adjacent neighborhoods!

iloveanacostia said...

let us know when we will be able to view it again if we missed it the first time.

Anonymous said...

HGTV's show said house started listing at $345,000. if i recall correctly, didn't it actually start above $400? or at $389 minimum? Also, it seems the sale price cited on the show is inaccurate as well.