Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Streetcar Survey + Happy Hour

In case you missed last week's meeting, there is an online survey to give input on the next phase of the Anacostia streetcar line. One of the reasons I first invested in Anacostia was because I was excited about positive changes like the streetcar - and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. Let's support this improvement and help it get here ASAP!

Click Here to go to DDOT's survey

Also, check out Greater Greater Washington's ideas for running the line down MLK Avenue. Why have the line if it isn't conveniently located?

** Update 1/21/11 **

On Thursday, January 27 at 6PM, the DC chapter of the Sierra Club will hold a happy hour for streetcar supporters to celebrate recent victories and to discuss what next steps should be taken in their campaign to make streetcars a viable transportation option for as many residents of the DC metro area as possible. The happy hour will take place at SOVA, which is located along the route of the proposed H Street / Benning Road NE line. To learn more about DC's streetcar initiative, visit www.streetcars4dc.org

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