Thursday, November 6, 2008

Reminder: Auction on Monday!

2004-2010 MLK Ave is going up for public auction on Monday, November 10 at 10:30 AM at the building.

perfect layout for a grocery store. conveniently located on the not-too-distant future streetcar line. at the heart of every major development in Anacostia.

For more info, check out my previous post, some interesting history, as well as the official auction site.


IMGoph said...

trader joe's—this is your place!

Anonymous said...

no parking = no grocery store

IMGoph said...

can something be dug out underneath?

why do we have to assume a suburban paradigm in our city?

David Garber said...

there is an empty parking lot that the bank owns directly adjacent to the building that could be negotiated.. And there is street parking.

creativity, people.

(said while also acknowledging the strictness of parking guidelines retailers often prone to initially require)

Anonymous said...

dig? where is your point of ingress? not to mention that it would cost 10X what the building costs, the water table is extremely low there, and as part of the historic district you'd have to change the facade to accomodate it.

IMGoph said...

is this the same anonymous person twice here? hard to tell since you won't even give yourself a pseudonym.

anyway, why not make an entry off the side of the building? you wouldn't have to change the facade then.

sure it would cost more. i never said that level of construction would be free or cheap!

Sariane Leigh said...

Let's dream a little and shoot for a Wegman's! We would be the envy of the entire city!

David Garber said...

unfortunately I think a Wegman's is unrealistic for that site. Too small, and no great place for loading.

That said, a perfect place for a Wegman's is the new Skyland Town Center.

Email Kristin Off at Rappaport to suggest it!