Monday, November 24, 2008

Community Forklift is where it's at


Located in a sweet old warehouse, Community Forklift in Edmonston, MD (just off both Kenilworth Ave or Rhode Island Ave, Click for Map), is an amazing resource for anyone doing a renovation project of any kind.

To simplify, I usually describe Community Forklift as a "used Home Depot that also carries green building supplies", because I've bought things like doors, low-emissive caulk, a medicine cabinet, and recycled denim insulation there.

First off, the place is huge - and has stuff for sale both indoors and out:

want some doors made out of real antique books? or about a thousand other doors...

it's all here, folks

bathtubs, sinks, bricks, slate, roof tiles, fencing, etc is all in the yard

as is a ridiculously inexpensive (as low as $2.50/sf) selection of pre-cut granite and other natural stone slabs

Honestly, if you need a window, old hardwood floors, insulated pipes, glass doorknobs, antique mantles, or pretty much anything else - and want to get it at a total bargain - Community Forklift is the place to go.

photos by DG-rad


Sean Hennessey said...

amen. this place is awesome.

Anonymous said...

David, you may have just saved me a couple $$. I'm checkin it out today!