Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the facade treatment

still waiting on some progress here:

and yep, we need to get this overhead wires mess cleaned up. the issue has certainly been raised to the local ANC, and if Brookland can get their power lines buried (albeit on their main street), then we've got some footing.


Anonymous said...

My biggest worry about the overhead wire debate is that it'll spill over into things like antennas. From several stories I've heard, despite being protected by some FCC regulations homeowners have been given a bit too much grief over them. Curiously, it seems everyone has accepted the satellite dish variety but not the old-fashioned, aluminum local TV or amateur radio variety.

I hope DC (government and people) can see the difference between ugly utility lines and a FCC-protected homeowner's right that is no worse than a rooftop AC unit.

My apologies since this is a bit off-topic, but I'd just like to get it out there.

Ange in Anacostia said...

The overhead wires that go from house to street look like a Cat's Cradle game gone terribly wrong. The service men just plug-in and run with no thought given to appearance. It's an unappealing visual that cheapens the neighborhood's historic aesthetic. Maybe the good folks over at the Historic Preservation Office can assist this effort?