Friday, March 14, 2008

the overhead mess, and some history

We need to solve the overhead wires issue. There are simply too many.

I was trying to find something on the Congressional ban of overhead wires throughout much of Washington, DC, but all I found was a blurb regarding overhead wires for streetcars--a topic still in the news this month as both Anacostia and H Street NE prepare for their lines.

This is from 112 years and 2 days ago:

Click to Enlarge well as some random but interesting information on a rail line to and through Anacostia (Uniontown):

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Click Here for information on the old German Orphan Asylum

Did you know: before MLK Avenue was renamed, it was called Nichols Avenue (with the section in Historic Anacostia called Monroe Street), and before that it was called Asylum Road after St. Elizabeths. Kind of creepy, but it would be pretty sweet if that name was still around.

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1886 map portion courtesy of the library of congress

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Toby said...

Yes, I know MLK Ave was called Nichols Avenue and renamed sometime after the '68 riots. My family and I are Jewish and lived near there, moving out to the suburbs before the riots. It was not urban flight: we moved out of an apartment into a house. We still went back into DC to the old neighborhood before it became dangerous. Just yesterday I was remembering a Chinese restaurant on the avenue where we'd get carry-out.