Monday, March 24, 2008

[some of] the green houses of anacostia

must. brush. teeth. (...even the air conditioner is painted a minty-fresh shade of green)

classic sage - now that is a tasteful renovation

the contrast

confused green: being painted green from beige, from beige to green, from stucco to wood, or wood to stucco?


mediocre bad guy said...

Wow, that is a tasteful renovation. That person should get an award... Where can I get me a house like that?

David Garber said...

umm.. historic anacostia. there is plenty of unrenovated stuff like this to be had. going quickly, though.

(then again, i'm not sure if you were being sarcastic...)

mediocre bad guy said...

lol. I wasn't being sarcastic.

I would love to buy up an old rowhouse to renovate. If only I had more $$$... sigh.

mediocre bad guy said...

p.s. I've never really been around anacostia. Are there any walking tours or anything going on to familiarize people with the area?

Maybe you could host one someday :D

Anonymous said...

wow. didn't know there was a green-house trend in Anacostia. nice pictures!

David Garber said...

i'll post about this soon, but for now, check out Main Street Anacostia's website (google it) for upcoming Walking Tours, starting back up on April 19th.

Also, WalkingTown DC has some stuff in Anacostia, though probably not as detailed on historic Anacostia. Their "Anacostia by Bike" tour usually fills up pretty fast. WalkingTown DC is April 26-27.

mediocre bad guy said...

thanks dg-rad!

I'll be returning to DC tomorrow and am looking forward to exploring these parts of town.