Thursday, March 20, 2008

Big K vs. Salvation Army

In honor of March Madness, I am pitting Big K Fine Wines & Spirits against its geographically closest neighbor, the still-under-construction Salvation Army building:

I admire the new signage on Big K, but they really need to repaint the side of their building with something a little less jarring, as well as replace the metal mesh and fortress door/windows to be any kind of pleasant addition to the streetscape.

Salvation Army also has the height advantage. Then again, current underdog Big K might win out in the end because it is --despite current aesthetics-- built on a more human scale and has good potential for future retail or total redevelopment success, as it is directly across the street from the proposed 9-block redevelopment by Curtis and Four Points, LLC.

Unfortunately, this matchup won't be decided for a few years...


DC Metro said...

My pick is for the Big K, I mean come on they need a K that big just to compete with the sheer size of the SA building next door!


Anonymous said...

sometimes i just visit the site for stories like this. sure the community is having a drastic change for the best. the tons of liquor stores and soul food/carry out spots will be gone. will we. and where will we go? dc just aint dc no more.