Monday, June 15, 2009

some (pretty much complete) restorations

although it's pretty standard these days to see a bunch of houses under construction, it's still fun to see when they are done or almost done. here are a few houses that have gone through the Historic Homeowner Grant program:

On 15th Street, this chateau de chartreuse is a total show-stopper. At first I thought the color was kind of jarring, but now I'm liking it:

there is no hiding this corner beaut

second-story porches are unarguably awesome

On Maple View, this shady house has more muted colors (and looks Great):

the owner said that he got color inspiration from a magazine photo (good idea)

our neighborhood porches are unstoppable

On 13th, this brick twin got a repoint, a new porch (so did the neighbors, since BGV Construction needed to make a perfect match of the columns), and some fresh white trim paint:

oh ya, and a new fence.

And on V Street, this house is one of my new favorites. It used to be completely forgettable, but when the wood siding was revealed, the shutters added, and a classic palette was chosen, it's now one of the neighborhood's best:

the twin neighbor is about to get the same treatment

loving the planters - an easy and relatively cheap way to add some Pop to the porch

I think one of the best sells for buying and moving to Anacostia is the fact that most can take advantage of this great program. There's a fair amount of fixer-uppers on the market now - Join Us!


Anonymous said...

WOW! Looks unbelieveable. Anacostia is truly a gem. I can't wait til the Big Chair Coffee and Jazz N Soul Cafe are open. The area needs a few niche businesses to truly thrive.

Brandon said...

"Show stopper" is right--beautiful house!

Anacostiaque said...

Yes, I'm all for a few niche businesses.