Friday, June 19, 2009

FLAUNTing the coolness of the Costia

a review of one of the coolest things to hit Anacostia: Flaunt.
guest post by Beth Ferraro

bold and beautiful at the Honfleur, image by Terecico

The concept of Flaunt began as a collaboration of four photographers and four designers, though the resulting project became so much more than that. It evolved into an impressive show of local talent and passion for merging of these two genres. Project Beltway (headed by Rachael Cothran) and Ten Miles Square (brainchild of Heather Goss), along with Honfleur Gallery, have added Anacostia to the map of the fashion world. If even just for a night, VIP seats, long lines and a completely sold out show proved the idea's popularity.

Amy Cavanaugh (or is it Heidi Klum?) of Honfleur Gallery and Rachel Cothran of Project Beltway, image by Rory

In the run-up to showtime on Saturday, June 6th, the gallery was buzzing with models, stylists, assistants, photographers and press. The scene was complete when guests started queueing along the sidewalk early for the show, battling local road closures due to Unifest street festival that day.

the crazy awesome runway, image by yospyn

In the Washington Post’s article Lavanya Ramanathan ponders, “What do you do with fashion photographs that, oddly, aren’t trying to sell clothing, a way of life or desirable body type? [The organizers] make a case that such images belong on gallery walls ...[for]... exploring fashion's value as costume and cultural force. ” Heather Goss, founder of Ten Miles Squared, added to this by saying "This unique visual event revolves around the concept that the beauty of art is its lack of fixed rules and definitions.”

DJ Keenan, image by marc.benton

Dana Greaves, Taimur Baig, Lara Akinsaya, and Will Sharp’s designs were showcased on a hand made black runway, perfected with a red curtain and impressive soundtracks, spun by DJ Keenan.

even Good Hope road is cool (we already knew that), image by sduffy

Keep checking the ever-fashionable Project Beltway for future art/fashion developments.

Honfleur Gallery consistantly supports artwork that pushes the boundaries and proposes new ways for the audience to question and enjoy. Upcoming events at Honfleur include a Summer Jamboree, which features an two art openings, public art unveiling, and concert by regional act The Bellevederes. Check it out on July 24th at 7pm.

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The Advoc8te said...

It was a GREAT show! They should definetly do it again. It was clear from the wall to wall turnout that folks would show up for this.