Thursday, June 25, 2009

HABA won a Vision Award!

congratulations to the Historic Anacostia Block Association (HABA), who earlier this month was awarded a Vision Award by the Committee of 100!

top row, L-R: Courtney, Charles, Catherine; bottom row, L-R: Nikitris, Danae

The text on the award reads as follows:

Established in 2006, the Historic Anacostia Block Association (HABA) is a group of Anacostia residents, some recent arrivals, working to preserve and enhance what remains of the shrinking fabric of the Anacostia Historic District. While self-described as a “social networking” organization, it is much more than that.

HABA has worked hard to maintain the frame buildings in the historic district and to help residents with limited access to capital and rehabilitation know-how. It played an instrumental role in having the District of Columbia’s renewed program of historic rehabilitation grants begin with Anacostia. It also did the on-the-ground work of repeatedly advising residents of the grant program and assisting them in applying.

While communicating with younger residents via website and email, HABA does old-fashioned door to door distribution of fliers for residents without computer access. In doing this, they are helping to guarantee that what remains of the Anacostia Historic District (which has fewer than 500 contributing buildings) will survive and prosper.
Again - Congrats everyone, this is really cool affirmation that HABA is substantially serving the neighborhood!


Anonymous said...

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Brandon Green said...

Great news and well deserved--congrats!