Sunday, February 8, 2009

flip flops in february

yesterday was a glimpse of spring: perfect temperature, warm breeze, kids playing, ground thawing.

a roofer admiring his work: restoration doesn't stop on saturday

the could-be park next to Ketcham School. a wasted space that we need to open for public use.

Anacostia got a new mural last week. Inherently temporary, it is painted on plywood and nailed around the site of the Anacostia Gateway Government Center (future home of DDOT), it displays DC landmarks, sports team logos, and quotations:

true statement.

it's a bright welcome from the 11th Street Bridge

sure, all of the painted landmarks are either in NW or surround the mall, but they bring a touch of whimsy and cheer

the old signage is removed from the historic Anacostia Bank, reflecting AEDC's move to the gateway building

Big Chair Coffee - the teaser. their facade is also about to be majorly upgraded with a more historically-appropriate storefront.

future site (with this house to be completely restored) of the W Street Townhomes, below

the above house is the smaller one to the left

a certain character is lost when wood multi-paned windows are replaced with the simpler vinyl variety, and when little things like porch details are removed

a perfect day to paint a porch or two

the word on the street alley was that a dog was loose. high-tailing it outa there!

a quieter scene: three kids playing milk-crate basketball on a newly bricked and sanded alley.

photos by DG-rad, rendering courtesy of Four Points


megarber said...

Thank you for the vision of beauty...

Hannah said...

and who doesn't love a little whimsy and cheer?

Anonymous said...

Has the govt decided on who and when the government center will be built?

David Garber said...

well, at this point I think it's safe to say that it will be at least until the 11th Street Bridges Project is begun, since the 13th street side will be affected by changes to the onramp.

the bridge project is estimated to be completed by 2014.