Monday, February 9, 2009

Barry to jail?

from the Washington Post:
Federal prosecutors today asked a federal judge to send D.C. Council member Marion Barry (D-Ward 8) to jail for not filing his most recent tax returns.

Prosecutors alleged that Barry, by not filing his 2007 federal and D.C. tax returns, had violated the terms of his probation for previous tax offenses. Barry, 72, who pleaded guilty in 2005 to not filing tax returns from 1999 through 2004, has not filed such documents on time for eight of the last nine years, prosecutors said.

"The defendant's conduct regarding tax year 2007 is indefensible," wrote Assistant U.S. Attorney Tom Zeno in a motion filed in U.S. District Court this afternoon. "It is not acceptable for any citizen to shirk a basic civil duty, let alone a former mayor and current city councilman who has been responsible in the past and continues to be responsible for spending public funds collected from District of Columbia taxpayers."

If the judge does not want to send Barry to jail, prosecutors wrote that she should hold a hearing in which Barry can explain his conduct.
If you think it's time Councilmember Barry learns he isn't invincible, please call Assistant U.S. Attorney Tom Zeno at 202-514-6957 to voice your support. If you have a council person other than Barry, please be in touch with them as well regarding your opinion on the matter.

not sure exactly what would happen in the event that he does get jail time, but it is high time Ward 8 has council representation that doesn't embarrass the constituents in a new and (sadly not) surprising way every other month.

Update: tell DC Council Chair Vincent Gray that Marion Barry should lose his council seat. he has had too many second chances: (202) 724-8032.

hat-tip to The Advocate for the news


The Advoc8te said...

Excellent Post! People can also call Judge Robinson at Chambers: (202) 354-3070

Courtroom Deputy:
Lorita Miller (202) 354-3167

Will try and find the mailing address for her office too.

This just has to stop - for all ofo our sakes!

Anonymous said...