Tuesday, February 10, 2009

retail highlight: American Shottas

this past weekend was, as stated earlier, an amazing time to be outside ramblin around town. I made my way into American Shottas for the first time (ok, I'll admit, the extra loud music from the speaker outside sort of turned me off at first). Once inside it is a vision of classic record store meets local flavor. Definitely worth a visit.

Our neighborhood has both a real and perceived lack of retail. We feel grocery-less even though we have a full-service, albeit old-fashioned-seeming grocery store within blocks (see future post), ...we want to be able to walk to a neighborhood bar or sit-down restaurant, but can't because they don't exist.

We have banks, corner stores, a florist, a cleaner, an almost coffee shop, a clothing store, and even a Subway, but it's often the case that we don't recognize them until we walk inside for the first time or need them at the last minute and finally appreciate their convenience. We want more of them, but we definitely have a few kickin local shops already.

photos / graphics by DG-rad


Sara B. said...

garber, love what you did with this post and the images! great photos!! and the explanations were really helpful. seems like a sweet store. and you should've bought the I <3 anacostia t-shirt :)

Sarah said...

i love your blog. your pictures are phenomenal and the content of your posts...makes me want to come see your hood!

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot man love this post... great images also! keep doing your thang man, come back for the shirt too! its on me ;)

Brent said...

best of luck with your business shotta dude! looks cool.