Wednesday, April 2, 2008

re: that building on the corner

I think it is kind of telling that I opened the "Meet Anacostia Gateway" post with a picture of the view from the building, and that I closed it with actual pictures of the exterior. It isn't hard to see that the building is not exactly showstopping or jawdrop gorgeous architecture. I know that I and many others wish it had more character and variation-- but the real news here is, for better or worse, what it represents: new investment in Anacostia, hundreds of new people coming into the neighborhood, and the potential for new retail.

Architecture and symbolism can work together beautifully: one example is the redevelopment of Columbia Heights, minus DC-USA (each word is linked to a different photo), but it is up to the developers, the city, and the resident stakeholders to demand that. We are glad for Anacostia Gateway, but expect better as our neighborhood's redevelopment and regeneration continues.

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