Thursday, April 24, 2008

Big Chair Coffee?

Speculation is rising about the possibility of a new coffee shop in the heart of Anacostia. Apparently a local businessman bought much of the equipment from the newly-closed Murky Coffee at Eastern Market, and is planning to set up a new shop across from the Big Chair in our fine neighborhood.

The proposed location, 2122 MLK Ave, is currently vacant:

For more, check out my sources at:
Washington City Paper
DC Foodies


Matt Siemer said...

Whoa--that would be amaaazing! I hope they have hours outside of the normal work day.

Anonymous said...

closing at 6 during the week, and closed on saturdays? least they plan on outdoor seating.

Anonymous said...

This is good. I wonder how the Jamaican restaurant is doing?

David Garber said...

yeah, i wonder the same thing about Fireside, the jamaican place. As much as I want to patronize it, I think they need to re-work their pricing so that more people (includng myself) can go there on a regular basis without feeling too jipped.

Rumor on the street is that another restaurant is headed next door, but I don't know details yet.

Anonymous said...

I will definetly be there!

Anonymous said...

hey, noticed we've lost the furniture store. always wondered how they were doing since we don't get much traffic on during the week.