Thursday, April 17, 2008


Last week, this:

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became this:

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I'm hoping it's just the primer for a sweet paint job. But I also know that this building is part of the Anacostia Square assemblage, which means that it, like everything else on the block, is veiled in mystery.


Matt Siemer said...

What corner is that on? If I squint I think I see MLK, but also when I squint I don't see very well. Can you help?

David Garber said...

This is at the corner of MLK Ave. and Good Hope Road.

Mr T in DC said...

Sheesh, why did they have to paint the stone trim at the top of the windows and doors? That is an unrelentingly beige paint job!

David Garber said...

I think the stonework was actually painted before, too. But even if this is temporary, something a little less neutral would be nice!

Matt Siemer said...

Ah ha! I thought it was on that intersection. Those schemers will paint anything. I wonder how long that paint job will last.

How far out is the Anacostia Square stuff going out, dg-rad? I wonder what their perimeter is...

Thanks for the info--