Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Take this with a grain of salt, please:

The White Man's Guide to Anacostia

I'm not really sure why it is called the white man's guide, but because it exists, and is about our neighborhood, I felt it should be posted. The statistics are probably made up - especially considering that our neighborhood is not "really, really dangerous" as this guide claims.

Gridskipper is an "Urban Travel Guide" to a variety of cities around the world.

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PS - Don't forget to VOTE for Anacostia on every day through this friday!

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DC Metro said...

Those guys are at Gridskipper are always sarcastic! I think it shows something that someone spent some time to focus on the area, but considering the influx of people to the area over the next few years with the new DC stadium across the way and Poplar point, I hope people don't get scared off!!!

Amanda from