Monday, December 10, 2007

I know it isn't technically in our neighborhood, but has anyone been to the new Giant?

We still need a full-service grocery store in Anacostia!

I don't care for a suburban-style grocery in Anacostia. I'm much more thinking urban-style, ala Logan Circle Whole Foods, O Street Market Giant (future), and CityVista Safeway! We definitely have the developable land.


Jesse Kaye said...

All in due time!!! Its going to be coming soon. I have a few clients looking at parcels in the area for large-scale development, in the 5+ acre range...and with a PUD, there might just be a new Grocery in store for the area.

The new Giant in Congress Heights on Alabama is absolutely wonderful. We have a few projects in the immediate vicinity and have heard nothing but rants and raves about the recent opening of the first grocery in 9 years in the Ward.

David Garber said...

Anacostia deserves better than a 5-acre suburban wasteland. I will gladly be passed by until we get a quality product like the rest of the city is getting.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE JUST LOVE THE NEW SUPER GIANT! I was there the day they were opened and for the first time EVER spent over $100 (just me in my household). They even sold those really big portable grocery carts - I had spent the week prior searching EVERYWHERE for that cart. When I finally found it it broke within 3 days.

The new Giant was well lit, CLEAN, and jam packed. They had a great gormet section - they even had fresh mozeralla. The produce was EXCELLENT. Normally I shop at Whole Foods on P street but I see the new Giant satisfying most (no edamame) of my needs.

Tanya said...

Hey DG-RAD - I'm writing an article about the new Giant and want to address the issue you raise, about the kind of development it is and whether or not that's the kind of development Ward 8 is looking for (aside from the fact that people need healthy food, which no one disagrees with.) Can I contact you?