Friday, December 14, 2007

New Poll!

Vote now for your Top Choice for a development team for Poplar Point! Poll is on the top right side of this page.

...please leave your reasons why in the comments...

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PS - Don't forget to VOTE for Anacostia on every day until next friday!

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Mr. B said...

I live in New Orleans, but I'm an Anacostian, born and raised. I grew up right across the street from Oak Hill and have no memories of doing anything commercial or entertaining in Anacostia. Going to the park? Well, you had to go underneath the freeway, which blocked Ana from the River.

I like Clark's plans because there is a substantial attempt to connect the community to the natural resources as well as maintain some sort of harmony and equilibrium. It's quite true that Poplar Point will never match Central Park, but from what I can tell, with Clark's plans it could be a park that, despite its size, could rival Rock Creek and certainly make Anacostia proud.

And lastly--I'm pulling for any plan that places the Black & Red (D.C. United) in Anacostia! (Hopefully the neighborhood will catch the enthusiasm for soccer within 5-10 years)