Saturday, August 18, 2007

Solomon G. Brown Corps Community Center

rendering courtesy of WCS Construction

The Solomon G. Brown Corps Community Center, expected to be completed in June 2008, is the new Salvation Army building (not thrift store) going up at the corner of MLK and Morris Rd. It will really depend on the quality of materials they use on the exterior for whether it ends up looking like a contributing piece of our main street.

Here is the floor-by-floor breakdown:
1st Floor: Retail Tenant
2nd Floor: Childcare Center that is open to the community
3rd Floor: Corps Community Center
4th Floor: Workforce Development
5th Floor: Wellness Center with "aerobics classes, cardiovascular machines and weight-lifting equipment"
Fortunately, there is an effort being made for the retail to be something of greater value than another check-cashing storefront. One Salvation Army newsletter from December 2006 mentions CVS as the type of tenant they are looking for for the ground floor. (keywords here are "the type of tenant")

This is what the Center looks like now:

photos by DG-rad


Anonymous said...

excellent update - I suppose this is the source of the lone tower crane visible east of the river from 395?

David Garber said...

thanks! yep, that's the one.

Anonymous said...

This is 100% better than what I feared was going to be at at site. I thought it was going to be another homeless feeding station.

Anonymous said...

Dg-Rad, keep up the good work. I too have been wondering what was being built on that corner. Like anonymous, I had feared the worst.