Friday, August 3, 2007

Need a grant for your neighborhood, organization, local biz, etc? Are you extremely creative? Are you sort of a fan of American Idol?

If so, the Case Foundation's "Make It Your Own Awards" are definitely for you. Essentially this is a competitive grant program wherein the Case Foundation will allow you and me to vote for the grant idea we like best.

The basic idea:
"We recognize that improving communities takes ongoing commitment and persistent action from the people who live in them.

That's why we will provide funds to individuals, and individuals working with small organizations and groups, who join together to imagine and implement innovative ideas and solutions that lay the groundwork for long-term social change.

We want to lift up these efforts to show that they're not happening in isolation, but are part of a growing movement that can, and will, transform our communities."
The catch--you only have until August 8th. So get writing!

Apply Here

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