Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The DC Region is experiencing a drought, and Anacostia is not immune to its ill-effects. From today's Examiner article:
"Farmers in Virginia and Maryland are fretting over brown-eared corn and drooping soybean crops. Here in the city, our communal crop is trees, and they are suffering.
It’s time to get out our buckets and our hoses, check the ’hood for newly planted saplings and drench them. Every day, if possible."
Our trees add value, beauty, health, and pride to our neighborhood, and it is our responsibility (and hopefully, desire) to make sure they stay alive.

For a Great piece on the importance of street trees, see this post from The Goodspeed Update.

photo used in graphic courtesy of flickr user stgermh


Anonymous said...

I have read your article about the drought in your area.
I was wondering if you have the same problems with Water thieves that we have here in Australia ?
They are a new breed of water bandits that deprive people and stock of life saving water in rural areas.
It has become a serious problem in our area and the local farmers are guarding their water tanks used for drinking water.
Water thieves with portable pumps are draining dams and vital drinking water from storage tanks.
I have included a link referring to this practice
website Romsey Australia

David Garber said...

Fortunately it hasn't gotten that bad here, to my knowledge--anyone else have a different exprerience?

Best of luck guarding your H2O!