Thursday, July 23, 2009

this Friday is the Summer Jamboree

Vivid Solutions (new photography lab / gallery that is pretty amazing that you need to check out) and Honfleur Gallery will host concurrent arts events this Friday, July 24th. The receptions kick off at 7 PM for Chandi Kelley’s solo exhibition Timelines and for Reincorporation Jamboree, a group show featuring emerging artists looking at societal rites of passage. Vivid Solutions (2208 MLK Ave) and Honfleur Gallery (1241 Good Hope Rd) are both located in the historic district of Anacostia, just a four block walk from each other.

Timelines at Vivid Solutions DC: 7-9 PM

Timelines, a solo exhibition of works by Chandi Kelley, is a collection of photographs inspired by the theme of memory and mystery, are constructed images of bookends, antique books and wallpaper. Methodically photographed, the spines of the books function as a timeline reading from left to right. The text and image combine in a striking, evocative collection. Ms. Kelley was awarded the Young Artist Program Grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities for this body of work, and Timelines is the artist’s first solo show. Exhibition dates: June 22nd – September 8th. Website

Reincorporation Jamboree at Honfleur Gallery: 7-9 PM

Clouds Diorama by Theodore Knox

Artists like Joseph Beuys have built catalogs of work looking at rites of passage. Reincorpartion Jamboree draws from the work of five young artists who have emerged from what could be considered contemporary American rites of passage like: middle school dances, under employment, financing higher education and urban survival. Curator and DC artist Steven Frost examines this emergence with a group of young artists from several regions of the US. The work of Kristina Bilonick (Washington, DC), Ben Fino-Radin (Providence, RI), Hatnim Lee (Brooklyn, NY), Sean M. Johnson (Boston, MA), and Theo Knox (San Francisco, CA) premiers at Honfleur Gallery in this incisive body of contemporary study of reincorporation. Website / twitter

The Bellevederes at Honfleur Gallery: 9 PM - ?

Baltimore-based soul music collective breathes “fresh air into vintage tracks.” Self described as “Baltimore boogaloo”, the 9-piece band is dedicated to the old-school soul and funk, and to playing it right. Drawing members from other popular regional bands (Caleb Stine and the Brakemen, The Red Vines etc), the Bellevederes have a fun, fresh sound not to be missed. Honfleur’s 2009 Concert Series is funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts & The DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities. Website.


Anonymous said...

Why bring Bmore bands in? Use local talent. Otherwise, sounds awesome!

David Garber said...

new bands = new audience .. i think it's great to mix it up a little. no reason to make everything completely local.