Wednesday, July 8, 2009

fire power

a fire broke out this morning at 1655 U Street SE. One person was taken to GW hospital for smoke inhallation, and two firefighters sustained minor burns. The exterior of the house appears to be largely intact, while both the first and second floors of the interior were badly damaged.

the vinyl windows are no longer (I swear this wasn't blogger arson)

teams strategically rushing in and out

Engine Companies 15 (Anacostia) and 16 (Garfield) came to the scene

it's a very good thing that the hydrant was working

a fireman soaks the growing pile of burnt furniture and junk in front of the house

Here's hoping that nobody is seriously hurt and that the house will be repaired soon!


Charles said...

David, I knew it was you who set the Just kidding, I hope the woman living in the home is ok.

What I am scared of is the home staying like this for the next several years.

Charles Again... said...

btw...great photos!