Saturday, July 18, 2009

savoy school is a'coming soon

The modernization of the Kiger A. Savoy Elementary is getting close to completion -- and both the MLK and Shannon Place buildings are looking great!

looking down MLK to Thurgood Marshall School and the metro

On MLK is the new new 26,000-square-foot community center to be opened in partnership with the DC Department of Parks and Recreation, which will include a full-sized gymnasium with bleachers, stage, separate storage rooms and offices, locker rooms, and a fitness room. (and they built it right up against the street - woohoo!)

view towards savoy and the new gym

I've been really impressed with this project and look forward to seeing the final product. I believe the school is supposed to open for this upcoming school year - and it looks like the community center couldn't be that far behind.

Click Here for more information and renderings of the project.


Anonymous said...

Did you say gym? a gym for all Ward 8 residents or just for the school I wonder....


David Garber said...

I wanna say for all residents -- but need to get confirmation on that. My guess is that it will serve a similar function as the Hillcrest Rec Center.

AnacostiaQUE said...

This section of MLK will look completely different (better).

When added to the Big Chair MLK area, things will start transforming quickly.

Anonymous said...

hi... just dropping by!

Anonymous said...

I walk pass this spot every day...It's going to a great spot for the residents of Anacostia.