Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cedar Hill Residential Aiming for Fall Start

Didn't think I was allowed to post these renderings yet since they're not 100% final - but now that Urban Turf has, I'll go ahead and do so. As you know, Four Points and Comstock homes have partnered up to build 32 duplex-style condos, seven three-bedroom townhomes, and one re-built "historic" single family house on the big now-empty lot at the corner of W Street and 13th, just a half block up from Uniontown Bar & Grill.

view looking up W Street towards 13th Street

the interior of the block will have a bit more contemporary styling

you can see that one condo/townhouse will be located on V Street

Although these renderings aren't 100% final -- the developers hope to present to the Historic Preservation Review Board in September -- they are a pretty good representation of what will be built at the site. New multifamily residential in Anacostia ... Finally!


Anonymous said...

Love the colors.

ArrBee said...

Fantastic! Bring on the development!

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