Monday, July 25, 2011

1357 Good Hope Loses the Whitewash

The story of 1357 Good Hope Road continues... not that this is really a dramatic turn. Actually, I think it looks pretty good. The owners, a tech buildout firm that was supposed to relocate to the building from Clarendon, is apparently still deciding if they'll occupy the building or if they want to try to sell it mid-renovation. Not gonna call it a restoration, as it's pretty awkward.

viewed from 14th and Good Hope looking into Historic Anacostia

my favorite side -- I love how how the building just keeps going back

the fan above the side door is the only original window remaining in the building

I mean, could the entrance be any more awkward? Nothing much to get excited about.

Crossing my fingers that someone moves into the building -- at this point I'd almost rather someone else just buy the property in the hopes that maybe they'd try to redignify it a bit.


Anonymous said...

The door at the back with the old fanlight used to have a wood surround (probably pilasters) with a triangular pediment above the door. You can see the ghost outline from leftover caulk. The wood blocks in the brick wall are where the door surround were nailed and attached to the wall.

Anonymous said...

This building should have been knocked down in the condition that it was in. But we decided under go this almost impossible task to renovate and bring this building back to life. We will be painting the exterior which will dramatically change the appearance. As it stands we are almost ready to move in. We are very excited about being a part in bringing about great improvements to the area.