Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Big Chair Coffee in the News

photo courtesy of Washington City Paper

So it's been about three weeks now since Big Chair Coffee opened, and the press has been all over it. It's encouraging to see all the websites, blogs, papers, and news shows covering the shop and giving it tons of free publicity. For a neighborhood that is usually misunderstood - or at least not fully understood - in the popular media, this has been a very good thing.

Anacostia Gives Coffee Shop Warm Reception
Washington Post Metro Section

Good to Go takeout: Big Chair Coffee n' Grill in Anacostia

Washington Post Food Section

Big Chair Coffee: Only the strong survive

Washington Business Journal

If You Build a Coffee Shop, Will the Gentrifying Hipsters Come?
Urban Turf

Big Chair Coffee: Big News for Anacostia
Young & Hungry - Washington City Paper

Ethiopian family opens a new Coffee Shop in DC's Anacostia neighborhood

Grand Opening at Big Chair Coffee n' Grill

Big Chair Coffee—Anacostia’s First Stand-Alone Coffee Shop That Anyone Can Remember—Opened Today
Housing Complex - Washington City Paper

Support Big Chair Coffee in Anacostia!
Anacostia Yogi

Big Chair Coffee!!!
Life in the Village

Freako-licious in Anacostia, Mamis!
The Penn Brangler

Big Chair Coffee & Grill Opens in DC's SE Neighborhood

Photos: Coffee and a Chair East of the River
City Desk - Washington City Paper

Big Bear, Big Chair, and the Gentrification of a Neighborhood
in bloom

What to Do This Week

Daily Candy

The Washington Informer’s Blatant Betrayal of its Own Self-Professed Community
The Washington Syndicate

New Businesses: So Far, So Good
River East Idealist

Big Chair Coffee: Coffee From Its Cradle

Big Chair Coffee is Open!
We Love DC

Big Chair Opens Today!
Congress Heights on the Rise

New Coffee Shop to Open in Anacostia
Fox 5 News

Pretty much all great reviews, too! Not bad for a place only open a few weeks. If you still haven't ventured over to check it out, its hours are 7AM to 9PM, 7 days a week.


Washington Syndicate said...

It was good to see the inside write up in today's Post Food Section.

Hopefully, when it gets warmer the Post will put together a strong lead Metro / Style story about the larger implications in context of the current neighborhood's history and development.

The City Paper went hard and proper.

All in and of itself the bloggers informed the larger community which has been of benefit to BCC since and before its opening.

We'll have to wait for that Post story when it stops snowing. ??

Thx for the link.

David Garber said...

Your wish is my command. the Post Metro section has an article in tomorrow's paper. I've updated the link list.

Washington Syndicate said...

A simple, straightforward, and most important POSITIVE story that lacks the inflammatory whiff of histrionics the No. Va & Chevy Chase living Post editors usually insert into similar neighborhood based stories.

Good job Akeya Dickson at capturing the new oxygen and life BCC has breathed into the old lungs of the formerly Nichols Avenue.

The mgmt team at BCC really has sacrificed, struggled, and hustled to open this new River East destination. On the strength of that they deserve this press.

Is this indicative of a new day dawning or rather yesterday setting on these fake, boo jangling, jive-ass, old guard (the most of them) River East community leaders who can’t reap any political gain or points from this story?

As Thom Jefferson said, “Information is the currency of democracy.”

Hannah Kate Flora said...

Hey! I'm friends with Anne Womack. She passed your blog along. Love what you're doing in Anacostia!

Wash Syndicate said...

Just blogrolled you.

Office Chairs said...

Thats unique for me Big Chair Coffee in The News.