Saturday, February 27, 2010

2345 MLK Starting to Take Shape

this great little building (we hope .. final designs have not actually been viewed) on the corner of Talbert and MLK is really coming along. It looks like it will top out at two stories.

I like when buildings fill in empty corners

It's nice that this development doesn't take up a whole block. Sometimes it seems like small buildings don't get built anymore, but it's usually the neighborhoods with smaller building footprints (and by smaller I mean thinner .. like not taking up the whole block. Think Georgetown and Barracks Row) end up being the most loved.

this corner always has a few people hanging out .. wonder if that will change

check out the line of windows. eyes on the street, baby!

from the back ... I think this end will be shorter

I'm excited to see this building progress. Does anyone know what material they are using for the exterior?


A.S.C said...

What is going in the building?

Anacostiaque said...

I'm happy for the development. I think this will keep folks from hanging least on that side of the street. The more we build (Salvation Army, this piece, etc.), the less physical space there is for folks to hang out.

Pretty soon, this will threaten the mom and pops, because those folks that hang out will be situated there...Fewer folks will go in, because of the larger intimidation factor and, I think, the mom and pops will begin to suffer.

Also, I hope the external is not cinderblock....

NolaCola said...

I think the people are hanging out on that particular corner because there's a bus stop there. They loiter on the other corners of that intersection where there are corner stores. Also, I hope Morgan's Family Fish Fry survives the neighborhood changes. Yes, they could be closer to the sidewalk and seating would be nice, but it's certainly a lesser evil than most of the other businesses on this end of MLK Ave.