Tuesday, July 28, 2009

friday night at the galleries

this past Friday night was the Summer Jamboree, a duel show at Honfleur Gallery and Vivid Solutions - Anacostia's two galleries. Probably the coolest thing about it was the fact that, because they're about 4 blocks from each other, people were walking between them and showing off the commercial corridor's potential as a walkable destination.

might seem corny, but just really cool to see people hanging around in and out of Vivid Solutions

the photographs were amazing. check it out if you can.

the Bellevederes soul-funked out at the Honfleur

Seriously, these galleries are a big part of what's making this neighborhood a more livable and lovable place. Listen to ARCH DC's founder Duane Gautier's interview on WAMU about how he decided to focus his organization's efforts on the arts as a tool for economic development HERE.

Click Here for Brightest Young Things' article/photos of the event.

photos by DG-rad


Unknown said...

wow this is awesome..makes me proud

Brandon Green said...

Like that black and white photo!