Friday, July 3, 2009

guerrilla art at the projects

ladder to the sky - Maple View Place

we have an artist in our midst, and his name is BK Adams. and he lives on Maple View Place.

If you haven't recently ventured to the crest of Maple View, Mr. Adams recently bought one of the large wraparound porch Victorians between Chester and High Streets. His porch has a giant wood airplane hanging from it, whimsical pipe windmills spring from the garden, and a DADAist self-defining poster of BK's face covers the front door with the words "I AM ART".

This post is about BK's first installation in the neighborhood - a ladder on top of the crumbling project-style apartments at the top of Maple View, and a collection of multi-color pipes growing from the ground in front: a sort of shrunken, localized and color-splashed Air Force memorial in our own hood.

in the rusted stairwell leading up

the ladder is perfectly balanced, and spins and sways with the wind

entitled "Sunshine Life", this more grounded piece adds a breath of fresh air to the street - the kind of hope that reaches out:

the proclamation: I AM ART

for more, be sure to check out BK Adams' open house, at his art-filled home at 1348 Maple View Place SE, from July 10 - July 30.


LTerry said...

Thanks for recognizing BK Adam's work. He is truly amazing and there is so much more to come from B.K. and for Anacostia.

LTerry said...

Check out pics of his gallery.

Ms. V said...

This is great. It's nice to see art despite the environment it is in.