Sunday, April 19, 2009

tree planting a wild success

yesterday's historic Anacostia community tree planting was a total and complete success. the Casey Trees-sponsored event drew 87 volunteers from all over the city, and a grand total of 33 new trees were planted on only two city blocks, all on private property.

this 8-year-old received three new trees in his apartment's front yard, and was a part of the whole process: helping with the tree-location flags, planting the trees, and making sure they had enough water

clearly this was an all-ages event: this group named the new magnolia "Angelica" (and another one "Frank")

a group from OPX, a "work environment design" firm standing in front of one of the five trees they planted in a yard on V Street

some loyal blog devotees and "every once in a while" Mama Cole's patrons planting a cherry and london plane tree on U Street

by mid-day, all the trees were planted, staked, and surrounded by bulging ooze tubes

a HUGE thank you to all who came out! It could not have been a more perfectly sunny day, the lunch catered by Congress Heights' own MLK Deli was delicious, and the community and greater city involvement was really encouraging. I hope this is only the first of many.

// new trees on your street or in your yard? please water! //

Read more about the planting in the Washington Post's article "For DC Group, Good Trees Make Good Neighbors"


Unknown said...

it was a well planned event. and one that I hope others will be encouraged to plan and participate in for their neighborhood. The trees that Casey Trees provided were impressive. It was really nice to be welcomed in by the community on Saturday and to meet the owner of the house whose tree I planted.

Charles said...

great job David. now its time for the fall tree planting! said...

Impressive! That first picture is super cute too.