Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cherry Blast: the reviews are in.

reports are in. the Pink Line Project's Cherry Blast last night lived up to its name and was completely amazing.

Photos: Cherry Blast!, by Brightest Young Things
"Now, I know warehouse parties in DC are common fare, but how many of these parties have been in Anacostia?" (click link for some awesome photos)

Stunning art, music and entertainment at the Pink Line Project's 'Cherry Blast', by Swedish Scene
"Look out New York and look out world. Philippa Hughes is reinventing performing and visual art and nighttime entertainment, and it's not long before everybody takes notice."

Who would have thought..., by South East Socialite
"I was left speechless by the well planned, creative, stylish, and well attended event. The location was a raw warehouse... The crowd was individuals from all over the metropolitan area interested in learning more about the River East Buzz that has overtaken the city."

manipulated photo courtesy of South East Socialite

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