Tuesday, December 23, 2008

sweet shot - just across the 11th Street Bridge

this is pretty great for a few reasons:

1. it is a fantastic shot of winter. this photo is cold.

2. because the capture isn't my own, i see the scene for what it is - this intersection still looks windswept and relatively uncared for, even though I've become used to seeing it this way. i mean, why do we have a boarded-up and crumbling hole as the welcome mat to Historic Anacostia? we can't get used to this stuff or it won't change.

3. the corner highlight serves as a good reminder that we still have a ways to go, and a front and center opportunity right here to change first impressions for the so much better.

the photo, My place of birth, by Flickr user marques_haven


Marques Haven said...

First, I must say that I had know idea this site existed. Second, I am the photographer that took this shoot. My intent that day was to go out and try to capture as much as possible the DC I remembered, the one that never made it into the nightly news. DC has changed, and Anacostia is whisper of the place I remember - good and bad. My fear is that Anacostia will shed it's identity, not the one framed by drugs, murders and such - that I will freely leave in the past, but the identity I am referring to is the one of the mom and pop shops, hardworking families trying to get by...that's the Anacostia I choose to remember. I will post more shots from that day.

Marques Haven~

Anonymous said...

My opinion, it's only a matter of time before Anacostia changes - for the better. This needs to become a walkable community offering destinations to go to. In time I believe this will happen.

Right now, I have daughters and I can't think of any place to walk them to along MLK Ave near the metro or Good Hope Rd. I am pulling for Anacostia, but my options for walking around are limited to non-existent. In my opinion, some mom and pops have got to go....

Inside the house, things are great. However outside, it's just not an inviting place to walk around with your family - in it's current state....