Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Frager's Hardware: also where it's at

I profiled Community Forklift a while back, which is a great resource for building materials new, old, and outa-control affordable. But let me tell you, Frager's Hardware -just across the 11th Street Bridge- has everything you could ever need in the "buy it new or rent it" home improvement category.

there is something ridiculously refreshing about shopping locally (and leaving completely satisfied)

If, like me, you are sick of even the thought of trips to nightmare NE Home Depot or the Alexandria Lowe's, Frager's is the perfect alternative. It may not be the size of seven city blocks (although it does take up about half a block of storefronts), but what it lacks in square feet it more than makes up for in personal service, people that actually know what you need and know exactly where it is, and the total convenience of being just two minutes from Anacostia.

the paint store is right at the corner, and even has a Color Consultant

Frager's is made up of four departments: hardware & home goods; landscaping; rentals (trust me, they have it); and paint, and can be found at the corner of 10th and Pennsylvania Avenue SE.

photos by DG-rad

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Anonymous said...

Cool, I'll have to recommend Frager's to my real estate clients (who often hate having to schlep out into the suburbs to get to a hardware store).