Thursday, September 4, 2008

a good reminder

I touch on this subject a lot -at least in conversation- so although this isn't the end all, be all neighborhood map, it is a good reminder that "East of the River" is made up of a heckuva lot more neighborhoods than just Anacostia.

(to say it another way, lumping everything in this part of the city together and calling it "Anacostia" is just plain incorrect)

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true, the lines aren't as clearly drawn in real life as this makes them out to be ...but still helpful.

map courtesy of Wikipedia


Anonymous said...

I am amazed that people lump all of southeast together and call it Anacostia. Real DC natives know their territories and boundaries. It helps Anacostia residents to clearly map ou t Anacostia when it comes to development. Does the CVS, Safeway and Giant on Alabama really serve Historic Anacostia residents? We should have something within walking distance.

Anonymous said...

The phenomenon isn't unique to Anacostia. East of the River entire is "Anacostia" in much the same way that...

... everything from Florida Avenue to the river is "Capitol Hill",

... everything inside the triangle formed by the Red line, New York Ave and the MD boundary is "Brookland",

... everything from about Spring Road south to downtown is "Mid City".

There is clearly a need for geographical identifiers that are more specific than quadrants but less specific than quarter-mile-radius neighborhoods. And, well, "East of the River" is a mouthful.

IMGoph said...

glad to see that there are a lot of other people around who obsess about things like this as much as i do!