Monday, September 8, 2008

Vote in DC Primary Tomorrow Today

Marion Barry is a very personable man, and he has been in DC government for a while, but it's time for some new leadership in our Ward.

For those who feel the same, but aren't sure who to support, please consider voting for Charles Wilson for the Ward 8 council seat. He has the energy and the ability to do great things. We deserve that.

Polls are open from 7AM - 8PM.
To find your local polling place, Click Here


Anonymous said...

Leave Marion Barry alone! Hes iconic to DC natives, he will always be Mayor in our eyes. We relate to Barry because he is the real DC, not the upcoming "new trendy" DC. What more could you ask for, he understands and relates to our struggles.

IMGoph said...

how in the hell can he be "real DC"? everyone has a different definition of what that is, and anyway, the man is from mississippi. he's a "real opportunist", nothing more.