Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Updated Library Plans

My apologies for not being on top of the Library issue. I guess the fact that this isn't my full time job is catching up to me...

Preview Image (scroll down for more)

Last fall there were two meetings regarding the design of the new Anacostia library. I attended the meeting on October 4, but somehow missed the December 13 follow-up. It will be interesting to watch this process unfold, and I expect that the designers will have even more significant renderings and plans at the next scheduled meeting on April 10, 2008.

October 4, 2007 Meeting Summary
December 13, 2007 Meeting Summary

Anacostia Neighborhood Library Project Page

(I'm trying to get some higher-quality renderings and plans, but these should do for now)

images courtesy of DCPL


DC Metro said...

Wow I really like it, the design is very forward thinking, and looks like there will be some good space that the commnuity can use for something other than just reading!

Amanda from

David Garber said...

My hope is that it will be a relevant building - not just for 2009 or whenever we get it, but for a long time. So, not that the design needs to be changed significantly, but that it is sustainable, practical, and welcoming.

Where is the green roof?