Monday, February 25, 2008

Salvation Army Update

New rendering!
I really hope that the exterior lighting is as spectacular as they make it look here.
And look at the great roof access:

For those of you not already familiar with this neighborhood, because it is situated on a hill, most properties in Anacostia (build those roof-decks!) have breathtaking views of the rest of the city.

...and from the inside, from the top floor at the corner of MLK and Morris Rd (from January 28, 2008):

images courtesy of WCS Construction
(Why have I not been noticing these photo updates!?)


ward8sown said...

Dear And now, Anacostia:

I am a resident of Congress Heights. Over the past ten years, I have been closely following the amazing redevelopment of Washington DC and am very happy that DC is well on its way of finally becoming a world class city like it should have always been. Downtown, the baseball stadium area, southwest waterfront, DC yards and Poplar point are just to name a few. But, the area that peaks my interest the most is Ward 8, and its future. There are many projects in the pipeline, like Skyland, that we can get exited about. Also, projects that were recently completed, like Giants (and soon to be Asheford Court), is something we can all be proud of. Nevertheless, the project that is of most importance to me is the redevelopment of Saint Elizabeth’s west campus. St Eve’s east campus is being planned to perfection by the DC government and is set to include office, housing and retail. Although, it would be the icing on the cake if they were to relocate the entire UDC campus on the site and also relocate SE Community Hospital to serve as a teaching facility for UDC students as well as serving the community. The problem with St Eve’s west campus is that the exact opposite, as far as planning, is being done. Building a new headquarters for the Dept of Homeland Security is shortsighted and without any benefits to Ward 8 or the city as a whole. There will be 11,000 DHS employees on site when completed, none of which will mingle in the local community for shopping or dining, WE ALL KNOW THAT! This very valuable and, potentially lucrative land, if carefully planned, could transform Ward 8 into the new DC financial powerhouse, instead of DC’s red headed stepchild. Let us take a look at three prime examples: 1. The Verizon Center area 2. The baseball stadium area 3. The new soccer stadium/Poplar Point. Those three areas, with a professional sports arena serving at the center, have turned their respective neighborhoods into its own entertainment hub unrivaled anywhere in the city. With that being said the only logical plan for St Eves west campus is an entertainment district, complete with office/hotel/retail/residential, with a new 100,000 seat professional football stadium (built by Dan Synder) for the Washington Redskins. With a reconfigured South Capital street built running through the west campus, this could be the new southern gateway leading to downtown DC. Just think, Ward 8 could soon be home to NFL playoffs, the Super Bowl, NCAA final four, World cup soccer and mega-music concerts. DC ‘Senator’ Elanor Holmes Norton, is an icon in this city that is loved and respected for all that she does for DC, but she is wrong on her support for DHS at St Eves. Please help her reconsider! I have pictures of a scale model (extremely low budget) of the future Ward 8 that I can email to you. If you can respond to tell me how much you love the idea (or how crazy I am) it would be appreciated. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It's true, the Dept of Homeland Security site will not benefit Ward 8 as much as it's advertised. As an architect for multiple govt agencies, they always take care of their staff in-house. Oftentimes supplying banks, food, salons, the whole nine inside the govt facility. If anything, DHS will supply the traffic and thats about it.

David Garber said...

Even if they don't patronise local businesses while at work, another hope is that employees will move closer to St E's, thus helping the local economy in that way.