Saturday, September 15, 2007

Skyland Meeting Recap 9-12-07

For those of you who were unable to make it to the latest meeting on Skyland Town Center, the meeting held this past Wednesday focused on the architectural and urban design of the project. Further refinements had been made by Torti Gallas, giving Skyland more of an organically grown look and feel. Included is more fa├žade articulation, less straight lines, and a a bigger emphasis on greening the roofs of the interior parking garages.

Check out the latest plans: Click to enlarge

At the meeting, Gary Rappaport and members of the Torti Gallas design team asked the audience what we wanted Skyland to look like architecturally: modern? Traditional?

Interestingly, most people agreed (what? at a public meeting?!) that we wanted something that was built solidly-- with brick, stone, and cast cement-- rather than with materials like vinyl and stucco which aren't as lasting. We want a design that is unique to Skyland, but that respects the past and is influenced by the architecture and streetscape of places such as Barracks Row, Shirlington, Annapolis, and Bethesda Row. Eclectic, yet elegant!

This development incredibly exciting, and all involved seem totally dedicated to getting it done as quickly as humanly possible.

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Also, just before the meeting I was able to make it over to the Farmers' Market for the Chili Bowl Bonanza. I had to leave before the winner was announced- does anyone know who won 1st prize?

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