Friday, September 21, 2007

On Top of the World

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The two townhouse developments I have written about so far have been given the name 'estates'. Interesting considering that the definition of estate is "a landed property, usually of considerable size." I suppose usually is the keyword there.

Then again, maybe 'estate' is the perfect word to describe this development, Grandview Estates. Despite their postage-stamp size front and back greenspaces, the roofdecks provide views of the entire city and beyond, and gave me the impression that if I were to own one of these units I would also own all of Washington, DC.

this will be awesome in the fall

Located at the crest of the Anacostia hill on Talbert Street SE, the development is made up of 46 one-over-one duplex townhouse units. The first-floor units have a backyard, the upper units (2 floors) have Cash Money roof decks. I went on a tour of this project last Saturday, and while I knew that their location at the top of one of the highest hills in DC would afford some great views, I was Astounded at what I saw. These are million dollar views in well-designed units (same architect as Butterfield House on Capitol Hill and Ecco Park in Takoma Park), and are selling between $350-750,000. If I remember correctly, all of the units are in the 2-3 bedroom range.

Those windows on the left have the DC views, yet are miniscule!

A few criticisms: oddly-small windows when considering the views from these homes. Seems like a lost opportunity. Also, these are along a gated, private street (accessed from Talbert), giving the impression of exclusivity and separation from the existing neighbors.

pictures by DG-rad

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That development looks great but it is odd that the windows are so small!